Tuesday, December 29, 2015

If Republicans Ruled the World

Republicans don’t like wishy-washy, lukewarm, so-so or flip-flopping. What they do like is all-in for the long run, no matter what, come hell or high water. They like taking a stand and then giving their brains the rest of the day off.

In short, Republicans like pledges.

In the past, Republican leaders have signed pledges saying they won’t raise taxes. One can pretty much assume they have signed a pledge never to take any action not first approved by the NRA. They have signed pledges during the current primary campaign to support the Republican nominee, even if it comes down to the GOP elephant in the room, no one wishes to talk about. Now in Virginia, they want Republican primary voters to sign a pledge saying they will only vote for the Republican candidate in the general election.

I can see their point.

Nothing is more disconcerting for a sports team that once commanded tremendous fan support than to find themselves losing those fans because “things ain’t going well.”

If a sports team goes from winning to losing, their fair-weather fans are the first one to leave and are slow to come back. This couldn’t happen if sports fans signed pledges the way churches make parishioners do every time they want to build a new wing.

The same goes for supermarkets and department stores. If a store is, “your friendly shopping place,” it should always be your friendly shopping place. It shouldn’t have to keep bribing its customers with deals and promotions to keep them from taking their business to that brand new store opening across the street. Not when a single loyalty oath would do the trick.